My name is JC Hernandez and I am Visual Development Artist and Designer, enjoy working on characters, environments, and illustrations. I'm also an avid comic book collector. I grew up in Salinas, California and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Digital Art & Animation from Cogswell Polytechnical College in 2016. 
My story is like any other kid that grew up during the 90's: Saturday morning cartoons, Super Soakers, Moon Jumps, Flintstones Vitamins, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Rugrats. Just a few of the early obsessions have influenced my work and life permanently. I am a huge geek at heart, always striving to be a vampire slayer to save Sunnydale. 
Since graduating, I have taken courses at Animation Collaborative, and attended workshops at CDA to better my skills! I am always searching to improve my art and chase my dreams. I am currently contracted by Apple until the end of May 2018.